WarFlow Has Its 9th Server Released In 2 Months


WarFlow had its ninth server “Luisdgar“ released on March. 7th, which was eight weeks right after the game had been announced by the DOVOGAME Team to be coming out in early January.

WarFlow Review – Sink or Swim?


I have lost count of how many browser-based real-time strategy games I've played. You see them advertised everywhere, each providing arguably the same core gameplay mechanics hidden under a slightly altered skin. Their relatively quick rise to super stardom comes off the back of Farmville, Facebook's notoriously successful social network game. Not only does it mean we are swamped with bad imitations and cheap cash ins, but those populating offices across the world have an absurd amount of choice when it comes to not working. WarFlow, developed by Leekol Inc, isn't going to blow anyone away with its originality, but how appealing is it to those looking to procrastinate?