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  • War is everywhere in Warhammer Online

    Age of Reckoning (WAR), the new MMORPG from the creators of Dark Age of Camelot. Based on Games Workshop's popular Warhammer fantasy war game, WAR features next generation Realm vs. Realm (RvR) game play that will immerse players in a world of perpetual conflict. Upon entering WAR, players must determine their allegiance and join an Army.

    Those inclined towards the side of good may fight for the Armies of Order as an obstinate Dwarf, noble High Elf, or loyal human soldier of the Empire. Those inclined towards darker deeds may side with the sinister Armies of Destruction as a savage Greenskin (Orc or Goblin), corrupt Dark Elf, or marauding human worshipper of Chaos. RvR combat takes place on three fronts where ancient foes wage an unending war.

    Based on Games Workshop's popular Warhammer fantasy world. Dominated by force of arms and magic, this world provides a rich setting for hundreds of thousands of players to experience the epic nature of war and the glory of battle.

    Key Features:
    Next generation Realm vs. Realm game system integrating both PvP combat and PvE quests on the same map in support of the greater war. Engage in four levels of RvR combat:
    - Skirmishes: Incidental PvP combat
    - Battlefields: Objective-based battles in the game world
    - Scenarios: Instanced, point-based battles balanced with NPC Dogs of War
    - Campaigns: The invasion of enemy lands culminating in the assault on their capital city

    A robust combat system introduces Player Tactics (earned powers you equip prior to battle) and Morale Skills (combat options that increase in power when the momentum of battle is in your favor).

    Player models that change to reflect the relative power of a character (i.e., Orcs grow in size and Dwarfs' beards get longer). Customizable armor and a visual guild system allow a player to make their character truly unique.

    Embark on an epic quest to complete the Tome of Knowledge and unlock Warhammer lore, detailed monster information, and major story plotlines.

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  • WAR: Fight for the forces of Destruction!
  • The Realm War heats up as a Chaos Chosen leads the forces of Destruction in the service of the Changer of Ways. Another very interesting video for the PvP centered MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

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  • Jeff Hickman (Executive Producer) and Paul Barnett (Creative Director) of Warhammer Online give a great presentation about Age of Reckoning which is soon to be released.

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  • Update 1.4, The Verminous Horde, brings a wave of new changes to the ongoing battle between Order and Destruction in the Warhammer world. For most players the biggest change will of course be the addition of the Skaven.

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  • Players of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning were pleasantly excited when it was first announced that the game would finally see playable Skaven, though announced at the time there will be certain limitations and not leveled traditionally like the other featured races. Mythic has just released information with both the lore behind their arrival and also what classes are available.

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