Warhammer Online Announces the ‘RvR Pack’


In an interview today at the GamesCom in Cologne, Germany Carrie Gouskos, Producer for Warhammer Online, disclosed the first details of an upcoming 'RvR Pack'.

GOA Cease Operation of European Warhammer Online


Last week saw the announcement that GOA will cease operating Warhammer Online in Europe and transfer the publishing rights for region back to Mythic Entertainment.

WAR Loses Its Producer


Warhammer Online has lost its producer, Josh Dresher. Josh was layed off.

WarHammer Review: Never-Ending War


The game revolves around the world where chaos has erupted and the two forces, the order and the destruction are in constant battle to gain supremacy against each other. Your character takes part in all of this as one of races that belong to these two realms, and your overall goal is to take part in the battles ahead.

WAR: “Beyond the Sands” Live Event


Mythic Entertainment today announced the start of ‘Beyond the Sands’ - the next major event in the Call to Arms live expansion