Watch Dogs: Legion

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Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in a dystopian future London. In this adventure game you can recruit anyone you see to join the hacktivist group DedSec.

Business Model: Retail Base 59.99 with more expensive collector's edition.

Microtransactions: Well... it's Ubisoft.

Key Features:

You Are Legion: The citizens of London are randomly generated, but still each has a backstory, and a skill set that comes with it. Any one of them could be just who you need to get the next job done. Get out there and recruit em!

These Are the Drones You're Looking For: Control drones to do your fighting for you, give you an edge in combat, or help you travel from location to location above the heads of your enemies.

Squad Goals: Play with up to 3 friends as they take the role of DedSec recruits to complete challenging co-op missions and rewarding endgame content.

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