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WildStar Online is a SciFi World exploration game that brings in a mixed feel from games such as Borderlands and with artstyle similar to the Ratchet and Clank series.


Dynamic Combat: Enemies offer hints to their major attacks and players are rewarded with buffs and experience for taking the appropriate measures in dodging/countering these attacks.

Path System: Within each playable class is 4 paths players can choose. These not only impact the abilities you acquire but also the missions you can embark on and the bonuses you can attain. For instance the explorer can go on side quests to reach hard to reach places while the soldier can initiate objects that lead to public quests.

Multiple Races: Although they have only revealed the Grenak, Human, and Aurin, each seems unique and useful. Grenak seem to be tough skinned and masters of weaponry and combat. Humans seem to be able to use portal technology to move quickly and close distance to enemies fast. Aurin are psychic and animalistic and summon weapons or ethereal armors to aid their allies and destroy their enemies.

Voice Over: The story is told through various cut scenes and voice overs.

Dynamic Quest Acquisition: You can receive updates to quests on the go from nearby NPCs, saving you from having to travel back and forth to town pointlessly and keeping you straight in the action.

Story Driven: As an Exile, you are on the run from the Dominion race. The Dominion are set to wipe out your races in their conquest of the galaxies. You will travel from one world to the next in your pursuit of freedom and encounter various challenges on each to keep the game fresh.

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