WildStar Destination Arcterra now live

ARTICLE Today NCSOFT revealed that WildStar’s latest content update, Destination Arcterra, has arrived. Players will step into Arcterra, a frozen wasteland that has just recently been discovered, and begin ...

Carbine Announces More Layoffs

ARTICLE In an announcement this afternoon, Carbine Studios confirmed that it has laid off more employees and reduced its WildStar staff. The studio also announced that it will no longer be working on bringing...

WildStar Teases Frozen Arcterra Update

ARTICLE Carbine today released their first screenshots and sparse details about the next addition to the WildStar Nexus Saga, the frozen wasteland of Arcterra. Arcterra promises snowballing villains as the mo...

WildStar Enter the Cryo-Plex Update Now Live

ARTICLE NCSOFT and Carbine Studios announced today that the latest update to WildStar – Enter the Cryo-Plex – is now live. As the first game update to come to WildStar since its free-to-play transition, E...
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