Wind of Luck

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Trazzy Entertainment

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Wind of Luck allows you to rise to power as a pirate across the Seven Seas. Pilot your ship through historical locations, such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the South China Sea, as you buy, sell, trade, and pillage your way to infamy. Choose from over 90 different ship types, and arm them with dozens of weapon types, each with their own strengths and capabilities. Engage your foes in exciting battles, where maneuverability and positioning are key. Become a legendary pirate king, and bask in the wealth!


180 different locations: Explore three different regions of the world, each with their own ports, and perils. Navigate across the lands, earning your fame and fortune along the way.

Three faction system:
Join one of the powerful pirate lords, and earn their favor by weakening their opponents. As such, participate in grand PvP battles against all of your nation's enemies.

Wide variety of ships:
Over 90 different types of ships can be purchased, built, or simply stolen. Each ship has different parameters, and can hold a varying number of guns. Expect dozens of weapons, from long cannons, carronades, harpoons, and even catapults.

Adaptive economy:
As a player, you have your own control over the economy. Buy goods low, wait for a shift in demand, and sell them high. Smuggle items to opposing forces for more profit. Do whatever it takes to become rich -- the options are yours to decide.

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