• Zee

    They turned it into Maplestory…ffs

  • Tanner Nivert

    bring it back D’:

  • Lakseaksjer

    Please bring it back, windslayer is so underated, its 10 times better then maplestory and its Was the first mmo game i have playd

  • Alex

    We want it back

  • Yaseen

    I fuckin love this game why did they close it ?

  • Someone

    Everything about this game was perfect please bring it back someone.

  • Chel Sea


  • Antonious

    Why can’t this game be brought to life.
    When I was 8, I used to play the original Wind Slayer when it was owned by outspark every day, and then suddenly it closed one day when I was like 9 or 10, then at 13, when I heard Wind Slayer 2 came out, I flipped and was playing it 24/7. Then .. guess what, it died. Woo~!…
    Damn you ignited games. How could you do this to all the fans who loved Wind Slayer 1 & 2? Bring it back! Or another trusted company, please bring it back! All ignited games does is ruin our hopes!

  • Suldo

    I Miss the original windslayer, shout out to all my old school friends that used to play and got the chance to PVP me.

    • yomoko

      Wow i remember you playing monk in WS 1, unbeatable. D:

      • iChaseLegends

        Omg, I remember you, Suldo. I forgot my name, but I was Rank 4 Professional Lvl23 Mage. Best of my kind :)

  • Name


  • AresOfWar

    Why isn’t it back yet. They said it would’ve been back 1 or 2 years ago…

  • Dat Meem

    I used to play Wind Slayer and other awesome games on Outspark. Then they had to shut down. All games except fiesta died. Wind Slayer 2 said years ago. Tell me what happened to it.