• Zee

    They turned it into Maplestory…ffs

  • Tanner Nivert

    bring it back D’:

  • Lakseaksjer

    Please bring it back, windslayer is so underated, its 10 times better then maplestory and its Was the first mmo game i have playd

  • Alex

    We want it back

  • Yaseen

    I fuckin love this game why did they close it ?

  • Someone

    Everything about this game was perfect please bring it back someone.

  • Chel Sea


  • Antonious

    Why can’t this game be brought to life.
    When I was 8, I used to play the original Wind Slayer when it was owned by outspark every day, and then suddenly it closed one day when I was like 9 or 10, then at 13, when I heard Wind Slayer 2 came out, I flipped and was playing it 24/7. Then .. guess what, it died. Woo~!…
    Damn you ignited games. How could you do this to all the fans who loved Wind Slayer 1 & 2? Bring it back! Or another trusted company, please bring it back! All ignited games does is ruin our hopes!

  • Suldo

    I Miss the original windslayer, shout out to all my old school friends that used to play and got the chance to PVP me.

    • yomoko

      Wow i remember you playing monk in WS 1, unbeatable. D:

      • iChaseLegends

        Omg, I remember you, Suldo. I forgot my name, but I was Rank 4 Professional Lvl23 Mage. Best of my kind ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Borrunt

      Duuude, Sully, it’s been forever since I have talked to you. It’s me Borrunt.

  • Name


  • AresOfWar

    Why isn’t it back yet. They said it would’ve been back 1 or 2 years ago…

  • Dat Meem

    I used to play Wind Slayer and other awesome games on Outspark. Then they had to shut down. All games except fiesta died. Wind Slayer 2 said years ago. Tell me what happened to it.

  • Guest

    this is from amy childrehood not dreatroy in know alll serves is donw the % the bring back is really down

  • pandora

    this is from my childhood in have many name is this game swaga, annaIzabel,saladina etcs etcs but my god all the serves Korean chinise is all down but one day i hope the bring back this ;w; beuatiful game

  • Chii

    Bring it back ๐Ÿ™ I played this every chance I’d get and on weekends I would look forward to plopping down on my family’s PC to play the original by Outspark. My dad would never give me the password to the family PC but he would log me in every time on the weekends. Huge part of me growing up. PvP was always amazing and I made some great friends on this game! ๐Ÿ™ Please BRING IT BACK!