Wizard101: Save Spiral!


Voted as the top family game of the decade, Wizard101 is nothing but ‘clean fun', magic and imagination for young players that parents wouldn't have a problem with.

Learn a Spell or Two with Wizard101


Wizard101 is a browser-based game chockfull of magical surprises. First off, this game did not scrimp on presentation with its vivid introductory trailer upon clicking new wizard at the start. It tells the story of their wizarding world Spiral and the evil magic casters and his evil forces have started to use magic for bad deeds. Nothing original, but it helps that the plot is not the complicated since this game is intended for the young ones. What captured my interest further is the voice over since very few developers add this factor to browser-based games.

Wizard101 Interview: A Game for Young and Old?


The intense turn based combat with beautiful effects, the magical classes and the colorful world are features that make Wizard101 a great game, but there is one thing that some of us are still quite unsure about; Is the game really for young and old?

Wizard 101 Review: For friends and family!


The game offers you a wide world full of unique monsters, great battles and challenging quests. Other than that, there are many classes, summons, NPCs and features which are based on the storyline of the game. I’m going to take you all to the world of Wizard101 and let you experience one of the most unique games in the world!