Wizardry Online Reveals New Launch Content


In anticipation of the January 30 launch of Wizardry Online, Sony Online Entertainment has released exclusive footage and screens from the game's latest dungeon.

Wizardry Online – Journal of a Survivor


Each generation has been lured into adventuring by the promise of fame, gold, and the occasional infatuation with a sexy gnome, but up till now it's resulted in a 100% fatality rate.

Wizardry Online Set to Launch January 16th


Wizardry Online, one of the most challenging MMORPGs ever created, will be launching in North America and Europe next Wednesday, January 16th.

Aeria Games and Gamepot Merge to Create Global Force in Free-to-Play


Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc., a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, announced today it is joining forces with Gamepot, Inc., a leading Japanese publisher and developer of PC and mobile games, to create a global operation.