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    3D Historical, Shooter, Sim, Free To Play

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World of Tanks is an team-based online multiplayer vehicle-shooter featuring meticulously detailed WW2-era tanks. Dive into the driver's seat of a mid-twentieth century panzer and blast away your foes with devastating firepower.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Free-to-play with the option to purchase various items and services in-game.

Key Features:

Races: Represent your country with vehicles inspired by French, British, German, Chinese, Soviet, Czech, Swedish, Polish, Italian, and American designs.

Classes: Back up your teammates by picking up a vital role on the battlefield, whether that lies in information gathering with the Light/Medium Tanks, or outright enemy destruction with the Heavy/SPG/Destroyer tanks.

►Do You Copy?: Keep communication lines open and strategically execute action plans.

►Grease Monkey: Swap out and upgrade a variety of parts on your armored vehicle unlocking new improvements over time depending upon your faction of choice.

►New Challengers: Team up with a clan and compete for resources and territory.

►Authenticity Guaranteed: Sift through the careful and historically accurate details painstakingly implemented across the board.

►Take Your Pick: Fight for glory in or just have some fun in the various game modes including teams, team-training, stronghold, randoms, or special battles.

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  • satan420

    this game is crap they are usless in souport they never bust glitch abusers or they never busrtt hackers

  • caleb533

    havent played…cant but will soon