WYD Global New Channels

ARTICLE On July 29, 2008 With Your Destiny Global will be launching its fourth (4th) channel due to high demand from players and other 3 channels are getting too populated.
As the war continues to grind on, the worst news has come to pass.
The Channel War in the Khersuph Continent will never be the same!
Four (4) different channels can now join the channel war!

WYD Global Episode III: The Aftermath

ARTICLE Kephra's Defeat

With the help of Archangel Kafma, the Kephra Boss Monster was finally defeated. Wydians were rewarded by the Gods and found a way to access the “Unknown Continent”. The realms of the Unknown Continent are abounding with numerous wonders and

New Tax System

ARTICLE New Tax System

Good news to all Guild Zone and Kingdom Owners! WYD Global announced its revised Tax System for all Guild Zone owners and Kingdom Owners. The new system focuses now on population count of a server and total tax count of a town.

Big sale on WYD Global

ARTICLE Big sale on WYD Global

It’s a great time to celebrate as WYD Global announces new items and discounts in Merchant Nell this February 26, 2008. New mounts with huge stat-boosting properties, Lucky powders with 100% chance of successfully refining items and silver wydens that will grant you huge amount of gold are the sure top sellers in

World Championship League 2008

ARTICLE World Championship League 2008
World Championship League, or WCL, made its opening salvo last February 16, 2008. WCL is a Kingdom War-type league wherein WYD players from