Zero Online: Mecha Madness!


The game's main selling point is its Gundam inspired sci-fi theme. Even if it sounds like a rip-off from a major mecha franchise, it has plenty of factors making it a fun MMO.

Zero Online January Events


How time flies! 2011 is drawing near, and TQ have prepared a string of fun events to celebrate the coming of the new year in Zero Online! Let's see what's coming up for them in the next month!

Zero Online December Update


The last month of 2010 is almost here, and the Zero Online team has prepared a series of exciting weekend events, Christmas events, and even some brand new game functions for all their players to enjoy during this month!

Zero Online: May Events


In order to celebrate the forthcoming new expansion – Galactic Armada, Zero Online has annouced a string of fun events, new updates, and new functions for you to enjoy! Let us see what will happen in ZO this month!