Zero Online Event Preview: April


April is around the corner! It will be a special month for all the Alliance pilots. The New Expansion - Galactic Armada will be launched into the mysterious Zero Online world at the end of April. In order to celebrate this occasion, TQ has prepared lots of exciting events, new updates and new functions for their loyal players. Let’s see what will happen in ZO, and what TQ will bring to us this month!

Zero Online: What is New in March?


Attention, cool pilots! The TQ team has prepared a string of fun events for you: 1 daily Boss Mission, 5 routine Weekend Events, 5 Daily Missions and 6 new Spacecraft Missions as well as new Cosmos Apocalypse! Let us see what will happen in ZO and what TQ will bring to us this month!

Zero Online Bonus Surge for the Recruits


Do you want to win gifts worth up to 500 dollars? If you a newcomer, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to win something good for free! From February 25 to March 24, if you register a new account and create a new character, you will be able to obtain a Newcomer Pack.