Zu Online: Cull the Golden Ox Demons


Whether you’re a fan of its engaging PvP battles or the beauty of its flash-rendered graphics, the world of Zu Online is anything but peaceful. The latest threat to vex Zu’s brave adventurers is a horde of Golden Ox Demons that have overrun Thunder Peak.

Zu Online Major Update Details


Details Emerging on Next Major Update of Zu Online, version 1.12 being developed.

Zu Online: Recent Development Trend Revealed

NEWS At present, Zu Online focuses most attention on developing later versions, improving the current version, holding in-game events and maintaining the game server.

Zu Online: New Version Released

NEWS The Zu Online Team is very pleased to announce that the new version 1.9.02 has been released on Feb 23rd.


  • http://www.facebook.com/acem.serkan Serkan Arı

    Game Closed

  • Hansu

    Yes. The game has closed… But some people may be trying to make private servers so keep your ears open…

  • bloodwhite

    the best gamee ever!!! playing for 4 years!!

  • ThisIsSparta!

    Really missed this games now.. :’(

  • boss45

    I liked this game very much and I want to reappear

  • mark

    i miss this game!!!!!!!

  • rokusan

    the best game for free :) played for many years…. what a pity that it’s gone… :(

  • Lache

    this game alerdy have a private server but is closed for 2-3 days ;)

  • KluangMan

    need zu online game back waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..