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Zu Online is an elaborately and well-designed 3D free MMORPG with a rich culture of immortals and knight-errants. Watch this new video now!

Zu Online Fighting Boss

Zu Online, free MMORPG by IGG shows special boss fights, with great fighters and special moves performed. Players need to join together and beat the dark forces to kill bosses in Zu Online.
  • Game Closed

  • Hansu

    Yes. The game has closed… But some people may be trying to make private servers so keep your ears open…

  • bloodwhite

    the best gamee ever!!! playing for 4 years!!

  • ThisIsSparta!

    Really missed this games now.. :'(

  • boss45

    I liked this game very much and I want to reappear

  • mark

    i miss this game!!!!!!!

  • rokusan

    the best game for free 🙂 played for many years…. what a pity that it’s gone… 🙁

  • Lache

    this game alerdy have a private server but is closed for 2-3 days 😉

    • Guest

      it s already been 2-3 days but still closed

  • KluangMan

    need zu online game back waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

  • Zu Online

    Zu Online Private Server | http://zuserver.com