Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis is a MOBA based off of the world of DC Comics, though drawing in all the alternate universes as well. This means you can play as a variety of different versions of Batman, Wonder Woman...

League Of Legends

EU Portal   Welcome to a new age of competitive online gaming. Take your place as a powerful Summoner, calling forth and controlling brave Champions in battle. Join forces with your closest allie...

SMITE Online

SMITE is a 3D Action MOBA that differentiates itself from most of its kind by joining the camera view to your God’s third person view. All skills are skill shots (i.e. require aiming and can be ...

Heroes of Newerth

  Heroes of Newerth is a room based game designed in the likeness of the popular Warcraft III map, Defense of the Ancients. With a simple control scheme, point and click with customisable hotkeys...

Battle for Graxia

Battle for Graxia is the reboot of Rise of Immortals. This MOBA features 24 different champions, each with their own set of skills. Players can experience a variety of them through the game’s fr...

SmashMuck Champions

Smashmuck Champions is an online arena-style game, with fast-paced action and deep strategy elements. Players develop and manage their arena teams with various monsters, robots, and other creatures. T...


  • wolfdragon81

    what is a MOBA game

    • bobhob01

      Multiplayer online battle arena

  • asdadas

    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Aka Lobby based.

  • lerous

    Where is the Dota 2?

    • niggy mcniggins

      this is for REAL moba. sorry

      • Nathan

        it’s on the last page idiot

    • tt

      idiots play dota