12 Sky 2 Beta Key Giveaway

OnRPG.com and MAYN Interactive have teamed up to give away NEW keys for TwelveSky 2 to 1000 more lucky members of Onrpg.com!

About TwelveSky 2 Europe: “TwelveSky 2” is an adrenaline-pumping Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG). Set in Ancient China, players are thrown into an age old conflict between three warring Clans. Centered on the reemergence of a new faction, players must fight for the honor of their brothers or turn their backs in the hour of need. Packed with jaw dropping features, “TwelveSky 2 Europe” is primed to be one of the best Free-To-Play Player-versus-Player experiences to date!

To get your prize you have to follow these instructions:
* If you are not yet an member of Onrpg please sign up here: http://www.onrpg.com/boards/register.php
* ; Enter your Onrpg username and password below to get your Code.

To use your code:
* Create a free account on the “TwelveSky 2 Europe” website at www.12sky2.com.
* Click on the “Download Client” link.
* You will then be prompted to insert your Beta Key.
* Download and install the Beta client.
* Use your provided credentials to login in the game, and enjoy playing! It’s that simple!

This event has expired.