9Dragons Prize Contest

Onrpg and 9Dragons are teaming up to give away 100 prize packages!   Use the 9Dragons Premium Package (7 days) as you learn kung fu and train to become a master of martial arts in Ancient China.

Prize Package contains:

  • Korean Ginseng (1)
  • Ethereal Mushrooms (1)
  • Huatuo’s Panaceas (1)
  • Lion’s Roars (3)
  • Unlimited Hermit’s Cavity Press (Attributes Bonus +5)
  • Experience Bonus (20%)
  • Kung Fu Experience Bonus (50%)
  • Death Penalty Reduction
  • Unlimited Epithet Change


Just follow these steps to sign up for 9Dragons and get your free Prize:

  1. Click here and sign up for a free Acclaim account
  2. Download 9Dragons
  3. Create a character
  4. If you are not yet an Onrpg member sign up here: http://www.onrpg.com/boards/register.php
  5. Enter your Onrpg Username and Password along with your 9Dragons information (Acclaim ID, Character Name, Server Name) below to sign up
  6. On July 31st, 100 winners will be selected and will get their prize over email!

This event has expired.