Alfheim Tales Online CB Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with GameDP to get you into the closed beta test for their upcoming 3D MMORPG, Alfheim Tales Online.

Alfheim Tales Online Giveaway

Alfheim Tales Online is a fantasy MMORPG with exquisite anime-styled 3D graphics, which allows you to enjoy the fascinating battle experience. Travel around Carlyle land under the guidance of the Spirits from a refreshing country town to an outstanding capital. Search for the track of spirits, discover the secrets that lie within the dark volcanoes, ice fields, battle fields and grasslands, and become the savior of your continent as your rise victorious from various battles. It is a world full of dreams, glory and exciting adventure.


To Redeem your Key:

  • Sign into Gamedp portal.
  • Visit the Alfheim Tales Online homepage.
  • Click the “Use CBT Key” and enter your code.
  • Then your account will be activated. You can enter the fantasy ATO world when CBT launches at 9 pm, Nov. 26th EST(GMT-5).

This event has expired.

  • Karma

    Well it seems my code is a wrong code even though I did everything right.

    • daboii

      what do you mean ??

  • Kral

    It says the code is already used?

    • GideonCrow

      mine says already used as well =(

    • ToYPiTz

      yes it does

    • Teyen

      said same for me as well.

  • LadyBoy

    There are no more keys left for this event!


    sou brasileiro meda key UHEHUEHUEUHE

  • Feri D’Febria Laksana

    There are no more keys left for this event!


    • DizzyPW

      Sounds like the first keys were duds anyway. We have a new batch coming in tomorrow morning. The parent company is Chinese so have to wait till their working hours to get them.

      • Feri D’Febria Laksana

        Terimakasih… email anda segera saya balas.

    • divon

      sir do u know where to get the activation code??

      • Feri D’Febria Laksana

        Terimakasih… email anda segera saya balas.

        • Ao Ao

          bos bagi cbt donk indo player, wkwkkw

  • Lei Go

    how to get CTB keys?

  • anthony stodomingo padilla

    saan poh makukuha yung Code pra makapaglaro na games n to..?

  • darksoffy

    My CTB Code Please

  • Ryan Bang

    how can i get the code ??

  • Antonio Spadaccino


  • Larry Tumang Jr.

    can u give me one sir this is my email ty love u

  • Lazarin

    when will the new codes be up?

  • Ruira

    When will the new batch arrive?

  • Luis Ernesto Dominguez

    send me a key plz

  • Gelo Padriga

    NeEd KEys PLzz

  • Gelo Padriga

    my @mail can u send a CBT key

  • Arvin Cordova

    wers the key?

  • kyubiSSJ

    buy a key 15$ send a msg in skype kyubbi0909

    • kyubiSSJ


  • Lovely Delacruz

    Sir can i have one CBT key please send to my facebook thanks you so much

  • Nikko

    can I have CBT keys pls? want to play.. how can i have them? will there be a new set of CBT keys?