Ancient Summoner VIP Pack Giveaway

OnRPG is partnering with Gamebox to make you feel VIP with an Ancient Summoner VIP Pack good on the new Server 5 – Vampire!

Ancient Summoner is an unprecedented card-based MMORPG that combines RPG elements with trading cards, deck-building, and strategic, lane-based tower defense. Utilize Customizable dekcs featuring equipable hero items, develop your kingdom’s resources, and take the fight to fellow summoners in 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 PvP battles.

The VIP Pack Includes:
1. Pegasus Champion(3star)x1
2. Mercenary Captain(3star)x1
3. 1,000 Silver Gift Pack(Good)x5
4. Crystal Gift Pack(Rare)x1
5. Rubiesx20
To get your key you have to follow these instructions:

  • If you are not yet a member of OnRPG please sign up here.
  • Enter your OnRPG username and password below to get your key.
  • The key will appear at the bottom of the page. Copy & paste it to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser!

To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit the Ancient Summoner site and sign-up for an account.
  • Log-in to your account. Join the new Server 5.
  • Click the red gift icon to the right of your character icon.
  • Enter your code and click claim to receive your VIP Pack!

This event has expired.