Angels Online Advance Package Giveaway

Angels Online is a cartoon style graphic MMORPG. It offers a skill combination system that enables players diverse customization. Players can wear various kinds of paper dolls and ride on different cute animals to wander around the fascinating world. A unique quest system and fun-filled Totem Battle or Holy Battle Field enable players to not only have fun but also obtain big rewards and Exp.

Each Advance Package includes one of the following items: Piggy Ride, Little Bamboo Basket and Badge Collection Memorial Ring. You could get one of them randomly.

Piggy Ride: a cute piggy mount without level limit, increase your movement speed.

Little Bamboo Basket: increase 5 slots of your backpack, +100 Maximum Weight.

Badge Collection Memorial Ring:

– +12 Defense

– +5 Spell Defense

– +20 Maximum HP

– +6 Rigor

– +4 Agility

And we will give you an EXTRA Angel Gift Box which includes: Fruit of Mars, Fruit of Hercules, Chocolate Pie and Cream of Seafood Soup, You could get all of them.

To get your prize you have to follow these instructions:

To obtain your Advance Package:

  • Register an IGG account and login in at Angels Online.
  • Then go back to the Angels Online Event Page.
  • Enter the Serial Number- the CD-key
  • Download and install the client
  • Create a character, and after that enter the game
  • Find a NPC named Bao Clerk to get the gift

Note 1:One account one IP only can get one key.
Note 2:Please make sure you have 2 slots vacant in the character’s prop.

This event has expired.