ArcheAge Closed Beta Event 1 Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Trion Worlds to get you early access into the first free closed beta test of ArcheAge, one of the most anticipated and most polished sandbox MMORPGs ever released! The event will span from 10am PDT July 17th, to 10am PDT July 21st!

Adventure in an open-ended MMORPG freed from predefined paths and progression. Build massive castles and lay claim to lands whose riches fuel a deep, player-driven economy. Band together to protect your fortune in epic siege battles and naval combat – or live the life of an outlaw, prying glory and coin from foes left in your wake.

Choose a race and continent and explore a divided world, rife with conflict including outlaws, pirates, and monsters seeking to cut you down on the spot. Build an empire, build a fortune, or just build whatever you want in the sandbox world where players create the story. Will you become a famous caravan running merchant, or broker peace as an intercontinental mulch-lingual diplomat? Perhaps you will raid the King’s stash and be banished to the Pirate Island as an outlaw? Choices and consequences mark the world of Archeage. Are you ready to live an adventure no longer on rails?



To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit the redemption page to sign up for an account and enter your key!
  • Enjoy the beta beginning on the 17th.

This event has expired.

  • gmn17

    cheers mounted 1st

  • MissUO

    well that was fun told me my key has already been redeemed

  • BRampmmando


  • Jackalope

    I like

  • Padman

    yep, mine say’s already redeemed too πŸ™

  • frankpr


  • reece

    i got the game woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well i think but you no woooooooooooooo sorry for the guys/girls who dident get it

  • Cepox

    Thanks/ Gracias πŸ˜€

  • Terbyte


  • LiquidGhost

    Why does it say my IP address has already redeemed keys for this giveaway?

    • zzzzzz

      maybe u dont have external IP

      just call to ur ISP

  • Lukas

    so i redeemed the key and now how do I get into the beta, will it send me an invite on the 17th?

    • Johnoni

      You go to the Archeage website and then to your account and redeem your code there.

    • asd


  • Ericksson


  • MisterBadass

    my code has been redeemed wtf

  • YuCMi

    This is bullshit, the key I got was already redeemed!

  • strikerz30

    how to download the game ??

  • Fernaldy Saputra Hardiman

    Explain this bullshit there are no more keys left for this event fckkkk …… must waiting again sign

  • Jade Talathiel

    Bots been busy….

  • Paul Panther

    thx for nothing. no keys for EU ppl like always here …..

    • Tagger

      EU guy here – just had to get lucky and/or not sleep that much πŸ™‚

  • CKiLLPatron

    Please More keys for us (EU)

  • Kertberger

    If anyone has a leftover key, I’d greatly appreciate it. Email:

  • Beratod

    send me pls

  • hypnerise

    im not begging but a key would be nice πŸ˜€

  • blazingsky

    Will there be more beta keys later

  • bijouxdemon

    I’ve been trying to enter giveaway after giveaway and they disappear as soon as posts show up of when they’re doing them. If anyone ever gets an extra, please send me on.

  • The Real Otaku

    If anyone has a key

  • Samari Prime

    o.o omg now to test this

  • NoKeyWoohoo

    Total keys: 4,936 – Remaining keys 999

    Please be gentle Senpai – only click the ‘Get Key’ button once…

    • Trender

      The same….

  • Samari Prime

    What the hell, there were like thousand left just like a minute ago :/

  • Trender

    OMG 999 left, I click on get ket and: Please be gentle Senpai -.- OMG then I open a new tab and TA-DAAAAA no more keys :))) -.- I want my key :C

    • MeTtOoW

      Same shit here

  • renap2

    Its 4 am here. Tell me how am I suppose to be to get a damn key? Im not a magician who can get awake to get a key… Its really not fair to European players

    • Gredlix

      your right

      • Nebitno


    • NotMyProblem

      Boohoo, NA release not EU. Deal with it

      • Samari Prime

        Have an award for being an immature dick-headed punk.

      • Teremai

        Eu aswell

      • Samuel Rodrigues

        Boohoo, my foot up your ass. Deal with it.

  • Walther Gilly

    i Get one *–* TY SO MUCHHH *———–*

  • asdasd

    i want one πŸ™

  • Adam Anderson

    please share a key with me

  • Neil Blake

    If anyone had a key… and gave me one… I would cry. I would cry tears of immense joy.

  • 2sk

    LF more keys !

    • fxtiger

      What LF ?

  • Fuppy

    I want a key. Now, there are plenty of posts on here claiming they also wants keys, and this post is nothing different. However, this simple key to play ArcheAge for a few mere days whilst it is in the closed beta – would be nerdgasm. I played this game in the Russian version for a whopping one hour before the English patch was no longer working at all due to an update, and it was simply amazing. The graphics, the cryengine body physics, the fluid flow of the game. I was in love. If anyone is kind enough to gift me a simple beta key, please send one to It’d please me.

  • Jake

    blacklisting this website, total bullshit to advertise something that does not exist…

  • Kemmon


  • Vitor Lima

    SHARE ME A KEY PLEASE, ! i can’t get one.

  • inzanenova

    where does the key appear?

  • Mestre Lobo
  • sisterbattle

    I hit Get Key and the screen jump a little, but thats it

  • Sisterbattle


    • Polly


  • DaNig #ChimettoSquad

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSs TY ONRPG! I Got one…..GL everyone!

  • Pastyx

    thank you very much for the key

  • Thornes

    I would like a key please. Clicked but it seems to not do anything.

  • Malusvex

    cant get my key ??

  • Malusvex

    wtf it was 500 key 1 min ago

  • Thornes

    yeah, promo traffic scam it appears, im outta here.

  • Keu Keu

    please get me key for a friend she also wants to play

  • Hinta Varaus

    I missed giveaways.. so if someone can save me and send me a key would save my day..

  • Adri

    if anyone has a key to give i would apreciate it

  • L4Festa

    can i have a key please? πŸ™‚

  • Huy Hoang

    i want 1 key, this game is great

  • JCruz

    if anyone have a key, please give me one, thanks!!

  • It’s yo gurl Bonquiqui WILL ERP FOR KEY!!!

  • titosos

    fcked again, any1 can give me ONE key? thx

  • rafael

    plis send me key plis :'(

  • Π˜Π³ΠΎΡ€ΡŒ

    Please give me2 key

  • ProPanek

    Somebody can send the key..?

  • Revolution

    Please share any extra key for me, so i can be part of this adventure!

  • Samari Prime

    *sigh* No beta key and no sims 4 demo either :/

  • sephu

    beta key please T^T

  • shin

    geez..give me some extra keys please

  • jlzq

    key please

  • borneheld

    it says 8,438 total keys – remaining keys 994
    I clicked the GET KEY and window flashes, is that it?

  • Pandaaa

    One key for me please ? πŸ˜€

  • jilad

    need one too thanks πŸ™‚

  • lolo978

    can someone give me a key please ?

  • Herreric

    if anyone could send me one that would be great!!!!

  • Soren11

    An extra key would be nice

  • MrTophat Smallworlds

    Im dieing here

  • Clubvibes

    gimme key ~!!!!!!11

  • Lisa

    it says there is 971 keys left and not letting me get one, im signed up logged in and nothing

  • gonzalo Crespo

    now says: There are no more keys left for this event!

  • thebobjef .

    got a key thx you so much!

  • extinction

    Wow Wtf, Click on get key and just get please be patient senpai and then poof all of them are gone…

  • Bogdadiys


  • Bogdadiys

    Pls I need key

  • Elad Jarby

    please gimme if u got πŸ™‚

  • michealty

    shit never got key yet can some plz email one to me at


    WOW all gone already!! Like Damn good thing I got my Beta entry already!!

  • Elad Jarby

    Please key for archeage!!

  • Marcus Morgan

    all bots took all keys? thats it they need to die

  • Kris

    got muh key =D