Archeage Second Closed Beta Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Trion Worlds to get you early access into the second public beta test of ArcheAge, one of the most anticipated and most polished sandbox MMORPGs ever released! The event will span from Wednesday, 10am PDT July 30th, to Monday, 10am PDT August 4th!

Adventure in the ultimate free-to-play fantasy-sandbox MMORPG freed from predefined paths and progression. Build massive castles and lay claim to lands whose riches fuel a deep, player-driven economy. Band together to protect your fortune in epic siege battles and naval combat – or live the life of an outlaw, prying glory and coin from foes left in your wake.

Play as one of the four major races – spiritual Nuians and secretive Elves share the western continent, while the nomadic Firran and cunning Harani inhabit lands to the east. Loose ties connect the neighboring races, but allegiances are fluid, forever complicated by the whims of pirate factions sailing, trading, and pillaging at will.

Features over 100 Classes built from 10 Skillsets favored by the gods and heroes of the Great Expedition. After reaching level 10, you can combine any three Skillsets to make a unique Class. You can swap Skillsets in and out to change Classes as often as you like, with no predefined path to follow. Experiment and discover Classes to fit any situation, and all with the same character!

Gatherers, crafters, and traders are the engine that drives ArcheAge, and its economy is yours to control. Master diverse skills to craft trade goods, houses, ships and castles. Transport and trade materials across the realm, braving danger and piracy to support your allies in wars that will change the fate of the world.

Assemble allies and build an empire to span continents. Sabotage your enemies’ trade and lay waste to their armies in the field. Rally your forces and craft massive siege engines that will carry you into the heart of rivals’ power – and help you rip it away.

Sail the vast uncharted ocean and amass fame and fortune by securing trade routes and controlling their flow of resources. Riches await whether you lead fleets against enemy armadas or ply the waters as a pirate for hire – just beware what lies beneath!



To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit the redemption page to sign up for an account and enter your key!
  • Enjoy the beta beginning on the 30th of July!

This event has expired.

  • ASamuel

    Hah, got a key :3

  • random

    thanks 😀

  • Naesaki

    Thanks 🙂

  • ASamuel36

    No problem buddies

  • random

    but i can’t log in to the archeage website tho.

  • kennylight

    Thx, got 5 codes 😉

    • Zed

      Impossible since it’s IP restricted, even if you did that’s disgustingly greedy.

      • Too fucking bad, he can do whatever he wants.

    • zandito

      Can u giveme 1?

  • Ankylar

    Are these keys legit? And why can’t I login to the site?

    • random

      f you have a glyph launcher, go there –>Store —> Archeage page —-> Redeem code. You are welcome

      • HavenPro1239

        hmm I cant seem to find redeem code :C

      • HavenPro1239

        it sais Apply code, I cant find redeem code

  • Layla

    Thaaaaaaaaanks <3

  • Franky

    Mine said IP restricted and it was my 1st code..

    • Youd

      Someone stealing your wireless or someone in your family wanted to play too LOL

      • Franky

        had to get 3 before it gave me a valid one xD

  • David

    the event just says expired for me….

  • Ankylar

    I think ONRPG jumped the gun on these keys. I hope I did not get banned for this. I can’t login into the site.

    • penisman

      If you have a glyph launcher, go there –>Store —> Archeage page —-> Redeem code. You are welcome

      • Ankylar

        Hi, Zed! Thanks so much. This worked!

      • HavenPro1239

        cant find redeem code button :C

  • David

    Got IT!!!!!! Nice 😀 Love you ONRPG 😀

  • matteopisa1983

    Problem for recevied the key?

  • eddie Micheals

    if you were in the first beta will you still be able to get in to the second beta?
    or do you need a new code?

    • dmiller42098

      you need another key to get into the second beta

  • Stroscher

    i dont come in ? :S if i want to log in -Y Glyph .. the site cant be load

  • John

    It says this key has already been redeemed

  • Snapped up like 10 keys so far, thanks!

    • Aiden

      hey mind if i grab one of those? just need 1 if thats cool thanks

      • No, but if you send me $100 on Paypal i’ll give you one for free.

        • Archdruid

          No one is going to pay you $100 for a key

          • Seeuinhell

            Dude me and my buddys need 5 keys whats your paypal.

          • Hailion

            Dont even do it big ass scam

        • Daniel Figares YT


          $100 for 6 days of beta? I want to submit a report…

          • I will sell keys at a discount when the next round of keys are given away. 🙂

    • Henr

      Me too. Could you pm me a key? Thanks

      • No, but i can sell you one.

    • Hailion

      Dont even theres no way you got more than one considering theyre IP locked and just a hint youre trying to sell them is illegal and you can be sued.

      • There is something called “dynamic IP”.

    • Zed

      Why would you want so many? that’s just greedy and pathetic, especially if you plan to sell them. You are stopping other people getting keys to legitimately try the game out before purchasing, people like you don’t deserve giveaways.

      • This is something we call business in the adult world, people gotta work for money, i do this by snapping up limited keys for stuff and resell them at higher prices. Deal with it, kid.

        • Zed

          Taking an opportunity away from someone for your own selfish gains is far from “business in the adult world”. Grow up. You are clearly very young and immature and you call me a kid? Also, sorry to disappoint you but no one will buy the key since it is only a key to CBE2 (Closed Beta Event 2) not the entire Beta events as a whole; the keys are worth nothing. “Deal with it, kid.”

          • Like i said earlier, i’m gonna sell keys at a discount price when the next key giveaway is here, don’t worry.

          • Zed

            I don’t think you understand; the keys are not worth anything, they are only an invitation to a 4 day closed beta event starting on the 30th. You can’t sell them. There is no market. Nice attempt at trolling though 🙂 Good day sir.

          • swagggo

            there is a large market for suckies

          • So selling keys for $100 is considered trolling? It’s not, this is a legit offer for anyone who wanna try the game.

          • zed

            This key giveaway is for access to closed beta event 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 or any after that, ONLY 2. Trion sell access to all beta events for $50 and you think you are going to get $100 for a key to access beta 2? Intelligent aren’t you?

          • Buying a $100 key from me now will make each giveaway round a little bit cheaper so it’s a good deal.

          • SomeGuy

            You can buy access to all betas, get in game money, 60 days of patron status, a limited edition glider, and more all for $100 through the official store. You can get half of that, while still getting access to every single beta, for $50.

            Why would someone want to buy access to a 5 day beta from you , some random guy on the internet, for $100, when they can get it from the official source and get in every beta, and get more out of it?

            Anyone who does is retarted. And my best bet is you’re just here to troll.

          • miz0pa

            DFTG you’re so stupid lmao

          • xD

            you are the most retarded creature ive seen today :))))

          • jake

            This guy is a fucking idiot lol. (Not you Zed)

          • ViciousDS

            lawl…..when you can get access to all beta weekends for $50, $100 is stupid and I hope no one is dumb enough to buy them when they can get a legit $50 worth from a founders pack

          • swagggo

            i blow dick hard hard and love you long time for key

        • redge25

          DFTG man you got no life , you sure must not work at all and maybe you got ur butt glued to ur chair or maybe u cant remove it from your ass in any case you loose your time trying to sell something that is free, sometime i see people that think they are so smart and play the smart by internet just be happy we dont see your life because maybe people would give you a buck so much ur a pity and if it happened that you would be smart buy doing some business you would have your own already 🙂

    • swaglad

      il give you a suckie for a key

      • nigga

        shit nigga u fuken gay nigga

        • swagggo

          i suck nigga blowie dick baby for archahe key for beta sail set???

      • random

        ok, blow me i have 3 extra keys.

    • JB

      Way to be a HOG… which should be sent off to slaughter.

    • ApocaRUFF

      Pro-tip to anyone falling for DFTG’s retardation – he did not get 33 keys. I doubt he even got a single key, to be honest. I think he’s just butthurt about how he didn’t get anything and is now trying to stir up trouble.

    • irem


  • zandito

    Any can helpme i cant doit because the key said in use… :/

  • viejoroshi

    We’re sorry, but this voucher has already been redeemed. T.T

  • kakashi41

    When i download the client now?

    • 30th, learn to fucking read. You are more stupid that my grandma on crack.

      • kakashi41

        Thank you my friend, but keep calm! 😉

        • Sorry, i’m just angry because my favorite news site has closed the comments for the night.

          • kakashi41

            Ah, don’t worry, and thanks again! 😀

      • kakashi41

        Why do you change it? ahahahah

        • I did that before you replied.

          • kakashi41


  • Slim neb

    We’re sorry, but this voucher has already been redeemed.

  • jereloo

    We’re sorry, but this voucher has already been redeemed. 🙁

  • victor861

    Ohhh :(((( Only for 20 seconds

  • Selling beta keys for $100 each!

    • swagggo

      il give u a suckie instead

  • Thissitesucks

    Fuckers, getting dozens of keys for themselves….

  • Gabrielwz

    No inicia 🙁

  • swaglad

    gief keys onrpg fgts

  • ralphzody

    got it, thanks..

  • rnb

    Lol i claimed a key and it says it’s used o.O

  • ViciousDS

    If you guys are dumb enough to pay DFTG $100 you deserved to be scammed. You can get access to all beta weekends and a ton of bonus goodies for $50 from a founders pack from the official archeage site.

  • Alex Hue

    Ignore the child selling 5 beta keys for $100.

    You can buy yourself a pack for no less than $50 and be able to attend every beta + gain goodies at release.

    Have a nice day.

    • Alex Hue

      5 Days*

    • I’m selling 33 keys for $100 each, not 5 keys.

      • viciousds

        Yes and Trion is selling an UNLIMITED AMOUNT for $50 a key, that includes a 4 day headstart, $20 in credits, a Title, A Glider, and 30 days of Patron status.

        Your $100 gets people a temporary 6 day play in ONE weekend. Good Try

        • My keys are limited edition, that’s why they cost $100.

          • ViciousDS

            lolololol, learn to sell a product at the correct price.

          • Limited Edition keys for this game are actually worth $150 each so i’m selling them cheap.

          • ViciousDS

            I’m done feeding the trolls. Anyone here with a brain would know not to send money to a random outlook account. Check CD-key websites if you are that desperate. Buy a real key from the Trion website if you want some good shit. Anyone with a half brain would know as well, there is no limited edition for ArcheAge……wasn’t ever one. There are 3 tiers of access and one includes Alpha access which is playable right now.

      • hakim

        you sir are a retard

  • Snolex

    Price for Beta key in Black market is ~ 5$ not 100$ and not 50$

  • Looks like people who can’t afford a key are mad.

    • popo

      You are a scamming faggot.

      Do not buy shit from this cunt!

  • aaa aaa



    anyone who took more than 1 or 2 keys is a huge faggot

  • your mom

    lol you wont get any keys from this xd such a liars

  • Beautiful Girl

    Will ERP for anyone’s extra key!

  • Mystinna

    “CBE2 code giveaways will begin on Friday, July 25” wtf?

    (There are no more keys left for this event!)

    • Kirk Lazarus

      It’s a nice FU from onrpg.

  • Los3rKidS

    Why I not see any announcement from site on part giveaway key.

  • diegoyukio

    when will more keys?

  • bunny

    how in the world was the keys release before the 25th PST time

  • chrisraynor

    What happened…? I can’t seem to take a key right now…

  • supyo

    thanks for the key!

  • hakim

    why do these giveaways happen when im sleeping.

  • Los3rKidS
    • werd717

      i tried razor and all it showed me was an empty white bar. i guess they ran out already… thanks for the link though

  • HavenPro1239

    hmm everyone is saying glyph launcher–> store–> redeem key< I cant seem to find redeem key, Im new to the glyph launcher, anyone know how?

  • werd717

    Anyone know any other websites giving away keys?

  • Los3rKidS
  • zobizobi

    I got 5 beta keys, not selling them for a retarded 100$ I am trading them for team fortress 2 keys, if interested send me an email at

  • Rabe

    If anyone has a spare key left i`ll trade a nosgoth beta key for it !!