Battlefield Heroes Beta Keys Giveaway

Onrpg is working with EA to provide you with Beta Keys for Battlefield Heroes! They’ll be available just for one week, so be quick!
About Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Heroes is the first Play 4 Free game from EA. Create, customize and level up your own war unique hero. Then take them into battle against other players of your skill level. Use your special abilities to destroy the enemy, or support your friends.
Game Features overview:
• Battlefield Heroes™ is a free cartoon-style shooter for the PC
• Combining classic gameplay with brand new innovations, it’s a totally new experience
• Cartoon-style graphics bring the fun back to shooters
• Third person camera so your Hero is centre-stage!
• Create your own unique war Hero with extensive character customization system
• MMO-like special abilities add strategic depth to combat
To get your key you have to follow these instructions:
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Steps to redeem the beta key:
*Go to
*Activate your beta key
*Signup for an EA account
*Tie your key to your EA account
*Download the game client 
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