Bounty Bay Online Starter Packs Giveaway

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Bounty Bay Online is now giving away 500 exclusive Starter Packages to grant new players a good start into the online sailor and explorer world!

Starter Package (worth 25 coins):

Land Star

– Defense +14, Dodge +5, Load increased +60

– Sailor damage reduced 0.20

– The max limit of the stall buying/selling articles increased 1

New Soldier Necklase & Ring

– Attack, Defense and Accuracy +5, HP +50

Navigation Star (Figurehead)

– Ship and Sail durability +500

– Carrying capacity of ship +300

– Triangular & square sail propulsion +1

– Max number of sailors & cannons +10

– Turning speed of ship +5

– Withstand burn & smoke damage +16, Storm damage +50

Level 1 skill exercise brochure

– Experience of all skill doubles for 60 minutes (Times of use: 5x)

Provisions box (99999 qty.)

– Box of provsions (Weight: 0)

To get your prize you have to follow these instructions:

To use your Code:

  • Register for a new account on Bounty Bay Online (if not already registered).
  • Go to the item shop on the right column of the website.
  • Login with your login data on top of the page.
  • Go to tab “Charge points”.
  • Enter Key for starter package in empty space below BBO Items and click “Activate”.
  • The items can be accessed in-game by talking to the warehouse NPC in the starting towns Athens or Alexandria.
  • Talk to him and ask him for new rewards.
  • Click back on choose “accomplish reward formalities”.
  • Then he will transfer the items of the starter package to your character one by one.
  • Now you have the items ready in your inventory and can use them for the game.
  • All items of the starter packages are non-tradeable.

Duration: February 19 – March 1

This event has expired.