Bounty Hounds Online CB Key Giveaway

OnRPG is working with SubaGames to give away closed beta keys for Bounty Hounds Online!



Bounty Hounds Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG taking place in a distant galaxy. Players take control of a mercenary willing to do battle anytime and anywhere, all in the name of fame, glory or money as they unravel the mysteries and conspiracies around them. Alongside the player are their trusty robotic pet’s called CTUs. These robots come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of protecting their masters…or annihilating their enemies. Will you reshape the galaxy, or die trying?





5 Classes: Play as the fast and balanced front line Trooper, the support tactician healing class (Bioengineer), the tricky melee brawler (Scientist), the devastating assassin (Agent), or the long range assault unit (Artillery).


Pet System: Train your pet to offer support of your strengths or a balance to your weakness. Pets can be brought up as melee, ranged, or tank specs.


4 Faction System: Choose the mercenary group that closest fits your ideals and goals and do battle to earn the favor of your superiors. Be prepared for PvP action when two factions seek the same goals!

WolfPack System: Similar to a guild, the WolfPack allows your small group to work in unison to gain greater rewards from your chosen faction, as well as greater challenges.


Customization: Build your hero the way you see fit, equipping numerous weapons, both long and melee ranged.



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