Chaos Online Giftpack Giveaway

Onrpg and Chaos Online are collaborating to hto celebrate the launch of closed beta 2 of Chaos Online, which will start on the 24th of April, by giving away 5000 gift pack! Just use the code you got from Onrpg and get some newbie gifts in the Chaos world.
Newbie gifts include the followings:
1. 2 x Lv.1 Crystal: to improve quality when you craft equipment
2. 1 stack of Revival Scroll : to revive character with half HP and MP
3. 1 stack of HP Potion and 1 stack of MP Potion: to recover HP and MP
4. 1 Donut: 1 hour of Double Exp
5. Treasure Box 1: Contains 1 novice mount
6. Treasure Box 2 : Contains 1 antique worthy of 50k gold
7. Treasure Box 3: Contains 1 perfect quality weapon
To get your key you have to follow these instructions:
* If you are not yet an member of Onrpg please sign up here:
* Enter your Onrpg username and password below to get your Code
To redeem your key:
* Go to
* Register an account and fill the code in the blank of “Newbie Code” to activate it
* Claim your gift from NPC “Novice Guide”
Are you ready for the Chaos Online?  A fantastic world waiting for you to explore!

This event has expired.