Conquer Online Ninja T-Shirt Contest

Onrpg is working with TQ Digital to give away a super cool NINJA T-shirt!

To win a Conquer Online Ninja T-shirt, keep on reading! Join the Ninja T-shirt Contest now and tell Onrpg why you like ninjas so much! Among the entries eleven winners will be picked: ten winners receive a special TQ point card (worth US$ 7.99 each), and the absolute winner will get a super cool Ninja T-Shirt!

Sign up now and reveal your inner ninja on the Onrpg Forums to become eligible for a prize!

To get your prize you have to follow these instructions:

How to become eligible:

  • Visit the Conquer Online T-Shirt Thread on the Onrpg Forums.
  • Tell Onrpg in a forum post why you love ninjas so much!
  • Sign up for Conquer Online and try out the Ninja class!
  • You will hear whether you have won in a PM on the Onrpg Forum!

Duration: January 13 until February 7

Notice: On February 7 we will send Private Messages to the winners.

Notice: The winner of the Conquer Online Ninja T-shirt will be asked to give their real address for mailing purposes.

This event has expired.