CrossFire WaveMode Expansion Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Z8Games to celebrate the launch of CrossFire‘s MOBA-esque new Wave Mode by offering special log-in incentives for new players and veterans alike!

Featuring eight new classes, new map types with advanced tactical options, special Wave Mode levels, MOBA-inspired battle mechanics, and unique items and upgrades, Wave Mode aims to welcome players to the next wave of FPS.

Between March 20th and April 2nd, new recruits will receive significant bonuses to kick-start their enlistment. These include major boosts to EXP, skinned weapons, premium accessories and gear, expanded grenade slots, Extra Missions, and more—even a Cowboy Hat!  Returning players will receive additional items with consecutive logins.

Consecutive Log-ins will Offer:
1. After First Login – Bulletproof Helmet (3 Days), Bulletproof Vest (3 Days), 50% EXP Boost (3 Days)
2. After 3 Consecutive Days – Expanded Grenade Slot (7 Days), Crystal Grenade (7 Days), Cowboy Hat (7 Days)
3. After 7 Consecutive Days – Desert Eagle-Tiger (7 Days), Golden Katana (7 Days), 3 x Extra Mission
4. After 15 Consecutive Days – 9A-91 (7 Days), Rainbow Muzzle Flame (7 Days), Play CrossFire NameTag (7 Days)


To Qualify for Rewards:

  • Sign Up for CrossFire Using This Link Between March 20th 2014 and April 2nd 2014.
  • Download and install the game client.
  • Log into the game and receive your first set of rewards.
  • Continue to consecutively log into the game for the next 15 days to earn additional rewards.
  • Note: Creating an account and logging into the game for the first time counts towards your consecutive login count.
  • Note 2: Prizes will be distributed to anyone who makes an account up to April 2nd and successfully completes the above requirements. For example, if you register your account on April 2nd and play for 15 consecutive days, you will still receive all your rewards.

This event has expired.