Dizzel Early Access P90 Assault Rifle Giveaway

Dizzel has begun its Early Access release and OGPlanet wants to make sure that players are unleashing their inner carnage and bloodlust with full force. To kick off Early Access, OGPlanet is giving away a P90 Assault Rifle that not only decimates enemies, it does so in style. So jump into this heart pumping, 8 vs 8 shooter mayhem thrill ride and unleash carnage on your foes.

Dizzel is a hardcore multiplayer third-person shooter developed by Neowiz and published by OGPlanet. Dizzel takes the fast, cover-based gameplay of Gears of Wars while mixing in the freakish brutality of Mortal Kombat.




To Redeem Your Key:

  • Sign Up for your FREE OGPlanet account.
  • Download the Dizzel Installer.
  • Once Dizzel is installed, login to the game and create your character.
  • Go to Dizzel’s Redemption Page and enter your coupon code.
  • Check your in-game “Storage” to add your items to your inventory.

This event has expired.