DragonBallZ Online Alpha Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Joyfun to ring in a seven day alpha testing period for DragonBallZ Online with an alpha rewards pack giveaway!

Dragon Ball Z Online is a wonderful squad tactics game set in the infamous universe of Dragon Ball. Recruit iconic members from the series as you travel through the series’ plots. Can your team survive the likes of Frieza, the Androids, or even the ultimate World Martial Arts tournament? Light your blood on fire and enter the ultimate battle to be the strongest in the universe!

The Alpha Pack Includes:
Lv1 Silver Card*50
Secret Capsule*2


To Redeem Your Code:

  1. Visit the Joyfun landing page here.
  2. Enter the game and create your avatar.
  3. Visit the ‘Redeem CD-Key’ page to enter your code.
  4. Your Alpha Pack will appear in your backpack.

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This event has expired.