Eclipse War Online Launch RP Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with PlayWith Interactive to celebrate the start of Eclipse War Online‘s beta with special RP Packs! These packs stack with MMOBomb’s keys as well as a special batch our content manager, JamesBl0nde, will be giving out through the month, so be sure to collect one of each code for maximum rewards!

Enter the world of Eclipse War Online, the MMORPG that is transforming the genre one collectible card at a time! Take to the continent of Karis during a violent war between the Rumen and Kaligo. Hunt in dangerous dungeons and varying landscapes; every monster or boss has a chance to drop their transformation card for you to collect.

Once you have a card in your collection you can then TRANSFORM into that very monster and earn bonus skills and stats unique to your card collection! All species have bonuses and weaknesses depending on what species they are fighting, as well as boons and debuffs depending on geographic location and time of day. EWO also features exciting and innovative MOBA PvP, open world PvP, Arena Style Battlefields, and much more including a Play 2 Win strategy for items! Start collecting today!

The RP Pack Includes 500 RP, ideal for unlocking one of many beginner card packs!


To Redeem Your Key:

  • If you do not have a free account, visit here and create one.
  • Sign into your portal account and redeem your Eclipse War Online RP code here.
  • Paste your code into the text box and click ‘Submit’. The RP will immediately be credited to your account.
  • (Note: This RP won’t work in any other of the Playrohan portal games.)

This event has expired.

  • xcaliber


  • Faye

    Downloaded the game, installed it, created an account, input the codes, and got the Free RPs.. YEAH! Not to mentioned that my brother got the free 6 pack of random transformation card cause he joined the CBT. Too bad i heared this game from him too late. 🙁

    • Sophia Colleen Mejia

      There are new events ATM. Check out their forums.

    • Desh

      they have events where you can still join and win prizes. 😉

  • Faye

    Played the game for 5 days, but no luck on getting a mini boss transformation card. The name is [Boss]Gorda. I don’t know if this is normal or the drop rate has a bug.

    • Derp Sirington

      gorda is tough to get that card lol i’ve been trying too

  • Thummy Montemayor

    I didn’t know there’s a lot of RPs 🙂 I got 1500 now

  • Lauren Girl :3

    EARJPF7XJL4S9J2Y use it, i cant 🙁

  • Sophia Colleen Mejia

    Aw, the event is over.