Fasaria World Beta Key Give-Away

Fasaria World is handing out 500 Beta Keys

Fasaria World 3D will be a fantasy MMORPG that focuses on a detailed storyline and progressive game experience. Though the game will have in depth community features and an unlimited freedom to explore each world, FW will also appeal to RPG fans who long for a story and some direction to their online gaming.

To get your Closed Beta Key you have to follow these instructions:

To use your Closed Beta Key:

  • After you receive your beta test key, simply submit it on the Fasaria World’s official website.
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration and will receive an email including the download link.
  • Testing day starts on January 21.
  • All beta accounts will be erased after testing is over.

The Beta Test launches on January 21!

This event has expired.