Galaxy Online 3 Legendary Commander Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with IGG to celebrate the recent launch of Galaxy Online 3 with Legendary Commander Packs!

You are a Commander of the Galactic Federation. Take charge of a newly colonized planet, build up your outpost, hunt down outlaws, create a mighty armada, and compete with rival Commanders to earn your place among the Federation’s High Council! Play Galaxy Online 3 your way – the possibilities are endless!

The Legendary Commander Pack Includes:

  • Yardarm.
  • 500,000 Gold.
  • 500 Relics.



To Redeem your Key:

  • Download the game at the Google Play store.
  • Once in-game, tap the “Promos” button on the upper left part of the main game screen.
  • Tap the Promo Gifts button.
  • Tap “Enter >>>”
  • Type in your promo code in the box and tap “Redeem”.

This event has expired.

  • Ryan Arnold

    I keep trying to log in to get the key for the legendary captain and the gold but it won’t allow me too. What can I do to get the code?