Gigantic Season of Souls – Ezren Ghal Raffle

To celebrate the Season of Souls update for Gigantic, we’ve partnered up with Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga to give ten lucky winners an unlock code for the latest hero, Ezren Ghal!

Ezren Ghal is a caster hero wielding necromantic powers to damage his opponents, collect souls and trade them for powerful abilities. This nefarious necromancer twists the very being of his foes by draining souls in combat, which can be turned against enemies as devastating ability attacks.

Gigantic Ezren Ghal Screenshot

Gigantic is a free-to-play strategic hero shooter developed by Motiga. Gorgeously rendered, light-hearted and charming, Gigantic is for all types of gamers, pitting teams of five heroes and their massive Guardians against each other in epic battles across a variety of maps. The game combines explosive combat with fast-paced teamwork, strategy and skill, as players must work together and fight relentlessly to defeat the opposing Guardian with spells, guns and swords.

For more information about Gigantic, please visit the official website.

To Enter the Raffle:

  • Visit the official entry thread. If you don’t have one, you will need to sign up for a forum account to post.
  • Post a reply to the thread telling us which Gigantic hero you would dress up as for Halloween!
  • Winners will be announced on Friday, October 27 and awarded their code via PM on our forums.

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Note: This is a giveaway announcement; no keys can be redeemed directly through OnRPG for this event.