Global Agenda 2nd Anniversary Booster Pack Giveaway

Hi-Rez Studios is proud to announce the second anniversary of their flagship game, Global Agenda, and OnRPG has partnered with them to get you a 3 day booster pack! Of course this in addition to the awesome events going on in-game to celebrate the anniversary:



Global Agenda is a fast-paced action MMO using Unreal Engine 3 set in Earth’s near future, a spy-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict. The players are truly in control of Global Agenda, forging alliances with their peers and executing lightning strikes against their enemies. They determine which factions to aid and which to oppose, while the only thing that stands in their way is other agencies.



The Booster Pack offers you the following perks:

2x in-game experience
2x token rewards
2x credit rewards
2x end of map loot
Open Zone assignments also grant a 50% increase in XP and Credits as well as a chance to receive additional items
5 Agenda Points daily plus 5 Agenda Points per level 50 character on their account
2,000 Tokens nightly


To get your key you have to follow these instructions:

  • If you are not yet a member of OnRPG please sign up here.
  • Enter your OnRPG username and password below to get your key.
  • The key will appear at the bottom of the page. Copy & paste it to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser!

To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit Global Agenda’s Homepage to register for an account or log-in to your current account
  • Get into the game!
  • Press enter to bring up the chat box. Type /claimpromotion followed by a space and then your OnRPG code
  • Sample: /claimpromotion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • We suggest to copy and paste your code directly into the game to ensure accuracy. Enjoy your booster pack!

This event has expired.