HolyBeast 1st Anniversary Giftpack Give-Away

OnRPG is working with Cyberstep to give away Giftpacks for HolyBeast Online.

In celebration of its First Anniversary HolyBeast ONLINE is running a bunch of exciting events! Don’t miss this opportunity to get gorgeous and rare items!

HolyBeast Online is a cute cartoon-style 3D MMORPG. It is very popular among female gamers as well as males. Fight cute animals and enjoy various quests in the multifarious maps.

To get your key you have to follow these instructions:

  • If you are not yet a member of OnRPG please sign up here.
  • Enter your OnRPG username and password below to get your key.
  • The key will appear at the bottom of the page. Copy & paste it to a safe place otherwise you may not be able to retrieve it!

To use your HolyBeast key:

  • Login or create an account on the HolyBeast Online page.
  • Redeem the key on the ‘epin’ page.
  • Download the HolyBeast Online client right here on OnRPG!
  • After checking that you received the items, login to game and click “ITEM MALL” and then click [Receive].
  • Drag the received items to get box, and click the [Get] button. You will see the received items in the item box.
  • Enjoy!



Total keys: 1,000 - Remaining keys 294



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