Infinity Close Beta Key Giveaway

GameTribe and Onrpg are proud to offer a limited number of accounts for the closed beta phase of its action game Infinity Online.

Note: This will work for Europe only.

To get your promo code please do the following:

1. If you are not an Onrpg member please go to and register for a completely free Onrpg account
2. Insert your Onrpg username and password below and press Submit
3. You will receive your Promotional Code in Blue

Please do the following once you have your Promotional Code:

In order to get the account, if you’re not already registered to the portal, you’ll have to go through the following steps:
–       go to
–       register to the portal
–       insert the promotional code in the second step of the registration process
–       flag the box to book an  Infinity closed beta account filling also the details about the account username and password
–     You will then receive a confirmation email of your Infinity account activation

But if you already have a GameTribe account, you have to:
–       go to
–       log-in
–       go to the “edit game account” section and register to Inifnity closed beta;
–       after that you’ll  receive  the confirmation mail, go back to your account management area, go  to  “insert promotional code” section and just type in your promotional code.
– You will then receive a confirmation email  for  your Infinity account activation.

After these simple steps you’ll be ready to play

This event has expired.