Kunlun Online Gift-Pack Give-Away

OnRPG is working with Smartcell to give away Gift Packs for Kunlun Online.

Kunlun Online is a 2.5D Free-to-Play Chinese fantasy-themed MMORPG based on mythological classic Shan Hai Jing: realistic graphics, PVP oriented gameplay, and much more.

To get your key you have to follow these instructions:

  • If you are not yet a member of OnRPG please sign up here.
  • Enter your OnRPG username and password below to get your key.
  • The key will appear at the bottom of the page. Copy & paste it to a safe place otherwise you may not be able to retrieve it!

To use your Kunlun Online Gift-Pack key:

  • Log into www.smartcell.com. If you do not have an account yet register one here.
  • Go to your account main page and activate the key via the “Activate Gift Packs” link.
  • Log into the game and claim the items at NPC “Beginner’s gift admin” located near the newbie birth place.
  • Enjoy!


  • Open Beta start on the 23rd of April.
  • The items are given in a chained manner. For example, if you claim the gift pack at the NPC when you are level 1, you will receive the 16 level 1+ items and one gift pack for level 10+. When you reach level 10, click the gift pack, you will receive 14 level10+ items and one gift pack for level 20+ , so on and so forth.
  • Please make sure you first claim the gifts at the NPC before reaching level 50.

Duration: 22 April – 22 May


This event has expired.