MU Online Trick or Treat Bubble Gum Giveaway

Spare us your tricks as we’re dishing out the treats by the handful for Webzen’s MU Online Trick or Treat Giveaway. Sign in below and snag a code to unlock the Bubble Gum candy for this joint event!

MU Bubble Gum Giveaway

Produced by WEBZEN Inc., MU ONLINE is a full-3D MMORPG and one of the leading online games developed in Korea. MU is a highly involved fantasy RPG based on the legendary continent of MU, where players can choose from seven unique classes – Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Summoner, Rage Fighter, Magic Gladiator or Dark Lord. MU ONLINE is a pioneer of 3D MMORPGs and established the basic framework which many online games continue to utilize today.

But your quest has only begun! With our code you’ve unlocked Bubblegum but you still need to find Chocolate, Lollipop, Jawbreaker and Taffy. Collect them all and snag these items:

Oak Charm (1 Day)
Ruby Ring (1 Day)
Emerald Necklace (1 Day)
Elite Healing Potion x 10
Elite Mana Potion x 10


To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit the MU Online Facebook page.
  • Click on the “Trick or Treat Event” Tab in the Apps Section
  • Fill out the form to submit your codes (*Remember, you must have all five codes in order to participate!)
  • Rewards will be distributed after the event period ends.

This event has expired.

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