Neverwinter Ravenloft Banded Fawn Mount Giveaway (PS4)

We’ve partnered with Perfect World Entertainment to celebrate the launch of Neverwinter: Ravenloft on PlayStation 4 with a limited giveaway of Banded Fawn Mounts!

Banded Fawn

On behalf of Lord Neverember himself, Neverwinter’s bravest are called to investigate a group of Vistani wanderers outside Protector’s Enclave. Assisting them leads to Madam Eva, a fortune-teller who divines a connection between adventurers and the cursed land of Barovia. As intruders in the dominion of the dreaded vampire lord, Count Strahd von Zarovich, players must navigate the darkest corners of an all-new campaign for console. Ravenloft offers new zones to explore, classic D&D scenarios to experience, and a challenging showdown with Strahd deep within the walls of Castle Ravenloft.

Neverwinter: Ravenloft is now live on consoles! Learn more about the game and its latest expansion by visiting

Suratuk’s latest custom mounts are on offer in limited quantities! Banded with ghostly white and blood-red markings, this fawn mount will strike fear into the hearts of Barovia’s monsters…or at least look great while it is bounding through the hordes of Ravenloft.

Item: Suratuk’s Banded Fawn mount

  • +50% Movement Speed
  • Illuminated & Universal Insignia Slots

Platform: PlayStation 4 (North America Only)

For Your Chance At This Mount:

  • Visit the official entry thread. If you don’t have one, you will need to sign up for a forum account to post. We cannot award prizes to guest accounts.
  • Post a reply to the thread telling us what you like most about the Ravenloft update!
  • Winners will be announced on Friday, October 5. Codes will be sent via PM on the forums, so make sure to check back and see if you’ve won!

Note: This is a giveaway announcement; no keys can be redeemed directly through OnRPG for this event.

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