Paladins Northern Watch Cassie Skin Giveaway

Paladins has launched its open beta, and to celebrate, we’ve partnered with Hi-Rez Studios to give away the Northern Watch Cassie Skin!

Northern Watch Cassie

Redemption Instructions:

  1. Download and install Paladins from Steam or the Paladins website if you haven’t already.
  2. Launch the Paladins client.
  3. Log in using your Hi-Rez account credentials.
  4. From the in-game home screen click STORE then REDEEM CODE
  5. Correctly enter in your code in order to activate the unlock

Ed.: There was an issue when we first launched the giveaway with the skin codes. If you previously tried to claim a key, please try again!

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This event has expired.

  • Jaime Skelton

    There was an issue with some codes when we first launched the giveaway. If you previously tried to claim a key, please try again!

  • Carolina Napoli

    i cant get 🙁
    i dont knw why, i click on get key and nothing happens, i already registeer…

  • Vaevictus

    1,205 keys remaining, it says. Clicking “Get Key!” still produces nothing. 😐