Project Powder Readers Tournament

The arrival of spring and summer is no reason to miss the slopes! Outspark is bringing you groomed terrain and spin tricks for you to enjoy all year ’round! In celebration of our Project Powder game launch, we’re holding a three day tournament for our readers from, to battle it out for the best times on our level one slopes with an exclusive OnRPG in-game hoodie!
Here’s how you can participate:
1. If you don’t have a SparkID yet, click through to our registration page through the link here and register a new SparkID, it’s free!
2. After you’ve created your account, or if you already have an existing SparkID, click through to the code redemption page.
3. Enter in the following code within the field: 4f86d05b-e6b8-41bf-9962-76f7fc1c20bb
4. You’ve now been entered in the tournament. Make sure you create a character in-game after you’ve created a SparkID.
Along with your entry, we’ve got a special treat for the readers of OnRPG. An exclusive OnRPG hoodie will be placed into your Project Powder inventory on Thursday for you to race in!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the slopes!
– Top individual times for each lvl 1 map is awarded 7,000 in SparkCash
– One ultimate winner will be awarded 17,500 in SparkCash. This winner will have the best times overall for each map. This would mean that this winner has played all or several maps and obtains a very good time on each map.
– Winning site will have ALL of their distributed hoodies extended for a month
– After the completion of the tournament, SparkCash can then be used within the in-game stores to buy new gear.
Have fun!

This event has expired.