RoboManiac Platinum Giveaway

We’ve partnered with YEPS! Game Studio to offer platinum vouchers (worth 150 Platinum) for RoboManiac!

The future has begun! On the distant planet Centerra people are forced to leave their colonies hastily due to a catastrophic disaster. They leave their technology behind, even the robots, their “bots” they once created to build and defend the colonies. After more than 30 years the “bots” wake up in the ruins of humanity and decide… to survive! But who should lead? On the one hand, there is anarchy, on the other, the bots seek to create a new society… a new life form is born!

Your robot referred to as “BOT” is at the center of the game action. From the beginning, you have the option to individually equip your Bot with different weapons, drive modules, blades, and numerous other body elements from energy cells to booster packs. Using your Workshop, you can repair, upgrade and level up the various elements of your bot. In your habitat and its surroundings you can send your bot on different missions, fight other bots, or send it to work in the factory, so you can use a few credits to buy or sell important boosters and upgrades at the marketplace. Trading in parts and items is an important part of the game and allows you to do good deals with other players.

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Your code includes:

  • One voucher worth 150 Platinum

RoboManiac Platinum

To redeem your code:

  • Load RoboManiac.
  • From the Main Menu, go to Habitat > Powerplant.
  • On the “Vouchers” tab, enter the code and confirm with “Redeem”.
  • Enjoy your platinum!

Note: These vouchers will only work on the RoboManiac English server.

Note: Unfortunately ad blockers may interfere with our site. If you have any issues claiming a key, please disable them and try again.

This event has expired.