Scarlet Legacy Starter Pack Giveaway

OnRPG is teaming up with Games Campus to offer quite a complete starter-pack for Scarlet Legacy!



Scarlet Legacy takes place in a feudal land, torn asunder by dark forces. As one of the children who knew grew up in the peaceful land of the past, it is your destiny to overthrow the Dark Emperor and return Princess Scarlet to her rightful place on the throne. Scarlet Legacy features four very unique character classes complete with detailed growth paths and skill trees to provide you with plenty of customization options. These paths are labeled as standard, heart, and skill and will essentially provide a total of 12 character builds to choose from.


The Starter Pack Includes all of the Following:


Ferghana Horse

Ride around the world of Scarlet Legacy on an epic mount!

(50) Level 1 Life Pills –

(50) Level 1 Mana Pills –
(50) Level 1 Stamina Pills –

Fight harder and last longer with premium HP, MP, and Stamina recovery items!

 (30) World Channel Shout Scrolls –

Find parties, buy and sell items, and banter with the community across all game channels!

(20) Spirit Scrolls –

Spend Spirit Scrolls to teleport directly to your quest targets, gain access to your mailbox, warehouse, Auction House from anywhere in the game, and more!

 (5) Instant Revivals –
Avoid having to run back to where you were by reviving on the spot to keep the battle raging!

 (5) +20% Exp Pills –
Level faster with 10 hours worth of bonus experience!

 Talent Reset Scroll –
Try out different build strategies for your class of choice with a Talent Reset Scroll!



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To Redeem your Coupon:

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  • Click “My Account” at the top right
  • Select “Coupon” on the right navigation bar
  • Input the OnRPG code. You will be asked to choose the server and character the starter pack is for
  • Next time you log-in, prepare to enjoy your sweet new ride!



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Now is your chance to get your gift pack worth $110. Join us and start your adventure today!

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