Seven Seas Saga Lekool Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Lekool to celebrate the launch of new servers for Seven Seas Saga, a nautical browser MMORPG that will test your twitch skills and business sense.

Seven Seas Saga Lekool PackGive

Seven Seas Saga, Set in Medieval Europe, the game lets players embark on a voyage along the treacherous seas of the Mediterranean. Build and upgrade your ships, hire ship crew and assign them to various important roles. Conduct trade, battle deadly buccaneer ships and hunt for legendary treasures. Players can choose to trade cargo, fight against other players, fight pirates and prove your ultimate supremacy over the seas.

The Lekool Pack Includes:
1. 10k Condensed Ration
2. 10k Special Roundshot
3. 10k Special Chainshot
4. 10k Special Grapeshot
5. Sher’s Treasure map
6. Water-proof Paint.


To Redeem your Key:

  • Enter the game and locate “Periodic” at the bottom right of screen.
  • On the Periodic window, click “Opening Events”.
  • Click “Welfare” tab.
  • Paste the newbie code and click “Claim”; system will notify you in chat that you have successfully claimed the newbie pack.
  • Rewards can be located by clicking Ship, captain and crew info, hotkey [B].
  • Note: Codes can be used only on Lekool’s Seven Seas Saga and only once for each account.

This event has expired.

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