Shadow of Legend Giftpack Give-away

Onrpg is working with Shadow of Legend to give away a Giftpack!

The gift pack aims to give new accounts a strong head start. The pack includes item mall items, namely golden turtle lotion, platinum mushroom packet, mana flask packet, and HP flask packet, and a Giant Diamond Sword, a rare weapon with the following stats:

Giant Diamond Sword

Weapon type: Sword

Bound when picked up

Main hand

2 – 38 Damage

30 Magic Damage

+ 10 Stamina

+ 5 Strength

Durability: 20/20

Needed level: 10

Needed class: combatant, mage, monk

To get your prize you have to follow these instructions:

To use your Giftpack Key:

  • Download and Install Shadow of Legend
  • Enter your key when you sign up for a SmartCell account to play Shadow of Legend.
  • Log into the game under the account.
  • Then go to Diamond Gifts Giver, a NPC next to landing place when first creating a character, to claim the gift pack.

This event has expired.