SMITE Celestial Voyage Giveaway Event

OnRPG has partnered with SMITE to celebrate their third birthday and scifi themed Celestial Voyage Event by getting our community a set of non-region locked, all platform use God skin codes for Anubis and Isis!

Discover the world of ancient hieroglyphs as you unlock secrets, solve challenging puzzles, and earn celestial-themed rewards. For more, visit

When you redeem your code below, you will receive two sets of keys. One for Stargazer Anubis and one for Celestial Isis!

To Redeem your Key:

  • Sign-up for a Hirez account and download SMITE from
  • Launch and patch SMITE.
  • Once in game click STORE then click REDEEM.
  • Enter your code in the field to activate the unlock.

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This event has expired.