Star Trek Alien Domain Starter Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Gamesamba to welcome you into Star Trek Alien Domain with a Starter Pack containing all you’ll need to get your legacy off the ground.

Star Trek: Alien Domain is an online strategy game based in the Star Trek universe. Taking place after the TV series, Voyager, Alien Domain takes players to unexplored realms of fluidic space.

The game features faction vs. faction battles, as the war between Federation and Klingon forces has been reignited. Players will be able to upgrade their base, create colonies, and build fleets of starships in order to defeat the alien threats in fluidic space, as well as other players.



  • 20 E-Crystals
  • 1 Level 1 reform toolkit
  • 10 Officer Experience Cards
  • 3 Basic Repair Units
  • 1 Cloaking Device



To Redeem your Key:

  • Create an account for Star Trek: Alien Domain, then log in and create a captain.
  • Complete battle tutorial, then click the ITEM button.
  • In the Item window, click the CODE button.
  • Enter your Starter Pack Code in the field, and redeem.
  • Items will appear in your inventory.

This event has expired.